Nina Gunde-Cimerman


Nina Gunde-Cimerman 

University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)


Culture Collection of Extremophilic Fungi (EXF)



She is the first to discover halophilic and halotolerant fungi in hypersaline environments around the world, and also the first to discover psychrophilic and psychrotolerant fungi in Arctic glaciers (Svalbard, Norway), in particular in the subglacial environment and on the Greenland Ice Sheet, but also extreme domestic environments, represented by household appliances (as exemplified by dishwashers) and an environment previously considered abiotic – bitterns, magnesium rich waters in the salterns, where we identified a new category of extremophiles: chaophilic fungi. Our research activity gave rise to Ex, the largest Culture Collection of Extremophilic Fungi in the world, part of the Infrastructural Centre Mycosmo, which now includes more than 12.000 fungal strains.